Stabilizing an Unstable Work Environment

Real world: Unemployment is 10.2%. With so many people looking for employment, you must ensure that your talents stand out. Whether you’ve been laid off, are unsure of your future with your current position or are looking for a promotion, here are seven secrets that will help you be the star.

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1. Communication development: No matter what happens, you have polished communication skills and are ready to respond assertively in any circumstance.

2. Conflict resolution skills: People are angry and unsettled. When tempers flare, you can move disagreements to amicable solutions.

3. Decision making skill: You are not mired in “analysis paralysis” and can gather information to make a decision that brings needed results to the situation.

4. Effective presentation skills: Your platform skills are polished and on a moments notice, without anxiety and fear, you can address any group concisely.

5. Employee retention strategies: Whether a leader or not, you understand self-leadership and support key people to sustain even difficult times.

6. Personal development expert: You understand the importance of life long learning and continue to polish your skills.

7. Workplace team building: Whether the team lead or not, you help every project move forward in a positive, efficient manner.

It’s your turn to choose what you can improve and polish. These are skills and habits and you can change them if you want!

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