Same Old, Same Old – Living a Boring Life?

by Marsha Petrie Sue

“I’m always workin’, slavin’, every day. gotta take a break from the same old, same old”. -From the song “(don’t need) nothing but a good time” (Poison)IMG_0028

When people complain about living a boring life, I stand in wonderment. Life is as dynamic as you choose it to be. When people complain about hating their job, I am amazed. Why would you stay in a position that brings you angst and even anger?

Bored life? Try these!

  1. Volunteer – click here for Volunteer Match or email me and I will send you links to my volunteer projects
  2. Find a hobby – no clue? Click here and determine what might work for you –
  3. Get outside – Work on public access and animal migration projects. I love this work so email me and I’ll give you some links!
  4. Get healthy – It doesn’t take much. Check out
  5. Go to the library – It’s free!
  6. Entertain – Here are some ideas from Oprah


Hate your job? Try these!

  1. Update your resume – Do it now!
  2. Know what you contribute – Some ideas
  3. Develop self-awareness – Read the CEO of YOU
  4. Start looking for a new job –
  5. Know how to interview – it’s two way
  6. Why do you hate your job?

Ok now – what was your excuse?

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the length and the depth. You decide if difficulty is temporary or permanent. Don’t let ‘Poison’ hold you back.

Thank you! Marsha

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