Laid off but not ticked off

A friend of mine was recently laid off after 26 years of employment with a utility company. Being vested may have triggered his response to this otherwise negative turn of events. Understand that he is a left-brained, serious individual. His choice? Put a pink Post-it note on his forehead for the rest of the day. (Get it? Pink slip?)

One of the managers stopped him in the hall and congratulated him for understanding the financial decision that the company had to make and for adding a bit of wit to the situation. My friend made the choice not to become a toxic person or create conflict in the workplace! He decided to take personal responsibility for his future.

He has made sound life choices to spur this response:

–       Made good decisions and created financial stability

–       Has a “Plan B” on what he will do next

–       Understood the business situation of the company

–       Knew it was realistic that he may be “RIFed” (reduction in force)

–       Is mentally ready to move to higher ground

–       Doesn’t take himself too seriously

If this were to happen to you, how would you handle it? Or if it did happen to you, how did you handle it?

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