Winning is never a given: Learn leadership lessons and improve success

I have reinforced many things I already know through the news this week by paying attention to the headlines. 

Da’Tara is the winner

Big Brown was a shoe in to win the Triple Crown.  Didn’t happen.
A few months ago Hillary Clinton was a shoe in to win the Democratic convention. Didn’t happen.
Donald Trump expected Casinos to fatten his fortune. Didn’t happen.

Winning takes focus, discipline, flexibility, self-awareness and more to gain the success you want and deserve.

Big Winners book
From Big Winners and Big Losers by Alfred A. Marcus
The big winners:
1. Occupied sweet spots – they found their niche.  Think about your job.  Are you in your sweet spot?  If not, why not?

2. Possessed the ability to move into these spots. Evaluate your skills.  Do your talents match what is necessary to excel?  If not, get the skills or find a new “spot.”

3. Disciplined themselves to defend their spots. Be able to keep the focus and get rid of the distractions and diversions of life. Learn how to keep your eye on the target.

4. Exploited and extended their positions. Network, and build successful alliances.  Exploit is not a bad word.

The reports revealed big losers:
1. Occupied sour spots. Didn’t take the time to really figure out what is needed.

2. Were rigid. Not flexibility is a killer.  The “My way or the highway” attitude doesn’t work, especially with people in the Generation Y category.

3. Could not defend their positions. Haven’t given much thought to the “why” behind their position.

4. Could not take advantage of their positions.
Learn to successfully manage the tensions between agility, discipline, and focus. Go to the library; check out a book, buy a book or two so you and your company don’t become one of the negative headlines.

Comments welcome – so please post!  Thanks, Marsha

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One Comment

  1. Noel Posus says:

    Hi Marsha:

    Another great blog entry and thanks for sharing and inviting comment. I’ll comment about pont four in the big winners section.

    It’s amazing how many people are afraid to exploit themselves…or as I view it, taking responsibility to pursue what you want in positive ways and recognising that promoting oneself is essential.

    The fear of course can really throw some people, and the two big fears I hear all the time from my clients are:

    1. Fraud Factor – afraid that once they promote/exploit themselves, they’ll be caught out for not actually being what they’re promoting/exploiting.

    2. Tall Poppy Syndrom – afraid that if they even attempt to promote/exploit themselves, someone else will cut them down to size because they don’t want anyone to succeed unless it’s themselves.

    Of course, both of these fears have many potential solutions to them. So, the call to action as I see it is to take responsibility for the fears as well as the exploitation.

    Thanks again for sharing the amazing stuff you do!


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