10 Steps to Maximize Administrative Assistants

Do you have an assistant that you would like to be more efficient? Are you a team lead and need to get more from your colleagues? Do you need help managing your time?

As the leader, you need to constantly strengthen their skills by reviewing your own.

Here are some considerations:

1. Set a specific time every day to check in together. Know what is on their agenda and tell them what you will be doing.

2. At the end of every day,  touch base again. Review what is happening the next day and what is critical on their list.

3. Delegate for results – tell them what you need and let them use her extensive background to solve the issue. If you have to micromanage, you have the wrong assistant.

4. Be a good listener. You will be amazed what you hear.

5. Communicate and ask for feedback.

6. Celebrate – take your assistant to lunch every so often. Remember anniversaries and birthdays.

7. Ask them if there is anything they currently do that is not really necessary.

8. Have them attend meetings with you, and discuss the meeting agenda afterwards (stay on the same page!)

9. Find out their goals and help them achieve them.


10. Help them see their potential.  If they don’t have any, take the appropriate steps to find a support person that does.


These ten steps are a good reminder on how to maximize your support person. You may do this automatically.  Congratulations if you do – because you are in the minority.

Need additional information?  Let me know!

Happy Labor Day, Marsha



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  1. June Cline says:

    Nice article, Marsha! Thanks for the reminders & for sharing your expertise.

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