Are Your Email and In Box Communications Overwhelming?

One of my goals is to simplify my life to to stay in control of the little things – like how I choose to handle my email and snail mail. One step I took was to sign up for Life Lock – and yes they have been under siege in the media. I really don’t care because they have helped me eliminate a ton of junk mail in my snail mail box. Not only do they protect and secure my personal information but they have helped me simplify!!

Todd Davis has a great retort to the media and naysayers trying to dis his Life Lock product. Here is a recap of what he says…

LifeLock -

  • Last year alone, 3 percent of all Americans were victims of real identity theft, and an astounding one-third of the U.S. population was subject to identity fraud.
  • Analysts at LifeLock, which protects the identities of over a million members, statistically would expect to see see 30,000 of those members experience identity thefts.
  • However, only 105 out of over one million LifeLock members, or just over .01 percent of those protected by LifeLock, have ever reported their identities stolen — and LifeLock ‘s $1 Million Total Service Guarantee covered everyone of them without any limitations or stipulations.

I signed up using the special promo…
Now here is what it has done for me – ALL the credit card offers have stopped in the snail mail, saving me a ton of time sorting and shredding the stuff I was getting. LifeLock is constantly adding benefits to their product – and I like that. In addition my junk email is not nearly as huge as it was. Did they have something to do with it? I don’t know – but I’m guessing they did.

Here’s another tip about all the cataloges you receive – stop the madness today by registering at to search and decline. As of April 1, 694,478 people had opted out of 9,181,316 cataloges and I’m sure the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council are breathing a little easier.

Let’s simplify!! Let me know what you do to simplify your life.

I pledge allegiance…

Happy Memorial Day!!


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