Step Out and Stand Up

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

keep-calmAre you serious about taking control of your job, getting promoted and making more money? It may be time to change the way you think about what you have accomplished and how you share successes with others. Do you catch yourself with any of the following?

Currently: “I go beyond the call of duty on my job. No one even notices.”

Instead: ”I use my strengths and put myself in situations maximizing them. I confidently share my accomplishments without sounding ego-centric or narcissistic.”

Currently: “They don’t appreciate how hard I work.”

Instead: “I take the initiative and set regular meetings to validate expected outcomes and to share my successes and failures with my superior.”

Currently: “I am smarter than they think I am.”

Instead: “ I ask for challenging, high-profile assignments and projects.  I share expertise and training that may not be known.”

Currently: “They change the process just to stir the pot and throw me off my game.”

Instead: “I embrace change and remain flexible, requesting the proper training so I can quickly adapt to new methods. If they won’t pay for it, I have the option of seeking it out on my own.”

Currently: “”I don’t have time for all the formalities and niceties.”

Instead: “I know that graciousness and building relationships are part of my success. I go out of my way to be a good steward and colleague.”

Ask for feedback and request it be given in a way that outlines what you did well and what are the suggestions for improvement. Dig deep into your self-awareness by using an assessment such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, World of Colors, or others to validate your own communication style. Flex to other people’s communication style without losing your own authenticity.

Use a 360 process and ask for anonymous input from your peers, colleagues, superiors, and subordinates. You may want to also consider including your vendors and clients. Determine if there are any blind spots you can work on to improve you!

Create a system for keeping track of your successes. Keep a small, private journal.  When you need to be motivated, read the accomplishments you have.

Is it time for you to step out and stand up?  If have some other ideas, please share. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Marsha
Professional Speaker, Executive Coach and Best-Selling Author
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