The employment landscape is competitive anytime but especially during an acquisition. Questions float through the halls, not to mention the minds of the employees…

  • Will I be let go?
  • What will I do?
  • What if I don’t like the new company or they don’t like me?
  • They will probably cut my pay! What will I do then?

Slam on the brakes right now! If you have been consistently providing excellence in your job duties, you have nothing to worry about. Unless the inner voices in your mind – you know, those emotional vampires – are sucking the life out of you and your confidence.

hard workA prepared, organized mind builds confidence and helps you continue to show that you are a valuable resource in any situation. Work harder, stay focused and don’t get involved in the ‘what if’s’ and ‘could be’s.’ STAY OUT OF THE GOSSIP MILL!

Get ready for change.  Prepare yourself and your resume – just in case you are asked to ‘interview’ for a new or current position. In interviewing top leaders, here is what they expect to hear:

  • Accomplishments—whether just graduating from school or with 20 years’ experience I want to know what successes the candidate achieved.
  • Education—commensurate with the position being filled.
  • Interpersonal skills—able to interact with others well, understand emotional intelligence and resolve conflict.
  • Process-oriented—understands that processes are established to accomplish goals and then periodically reviewed for continual improvement.
  • Skills that differentiate candidates:

Detail-oriented—because I’m not.
Articulate—ability to clearly and intelligently express oneself in verbal or written communications.
Results-oriented—knowing the objective, determining what it takes to reach that objective, and ensuring it is accomplished.
Flexible—reaching an objective often requires intelligently adapting to new circumstances, working around obstacles, or ignoring the naysayer.

 I wrote extensively on this topic in The Reactor Factor: How to deal with difficult work situations without going nuclear. Email me if you would like me to send you a copy of Chapter 9 – Find It, Keep It, Love it.  I would be honored! This subject is one of the most requested by my clients for keynotes and presentations to their groups.

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