Does fear make you a difficult person?

If you said no, I believe you are lying to yourself.  When you say, “I’m afraid to try that, or do this, or whatever,” you are being a difficult person.  You can’t lead a successful career or life if you are not able to take risk.  And the reason for this fear is that you don’t want to be blamed, either by yourself or others, for not succeeding.

Fear allows the wheels to fall off your cart

This boils down to poor and undeveloped self awareness, accoutability and leadership. If you don’t communicate well with yourself and are not able to take risk, how can you communicate with others and get others to buy into your ideas?

Comment please – I’d love to hear what you have to say!!  Marsha Petrie Sue

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  1. Piper says:

    I was browsing the MPS website, after receiving your most recent email update, and came across the article about Curt Wagner… I cried when I read it… He shows up as a man that truly has a handle on “success in life and in realtionships” and also how to contribute to other’s success. Thank you for sharing this.

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