Laid off plan of attack

I received this email from a reader – thought this might help others if shared.  Instead of becoming a difficult person and a toxic person, he decided to strategize.  VERY smart!

Good Morning Marsha, I was sent your email “laid off,ticked off, and broke” from a loved one.

I read the article and I get it. I just want to provide a little bit of my background so that you may be able to provide some insight for me on my next moves. I have 13 years of IT financial mainframe background with a large bank / IBM. During the last several years in my position I was up training and re-skilling myself to move into another technical area within the bank but in the middle of 2003 was downsized. At the time, the area economy was good and I was not seeing any interest in me, from my local job market. So after my re-tooling and movement into a new technical arena, my age and experience, meet the criteria for outsourcing / downsizing models that were the rage for my sector at the time and moving the family to India was not an option.

Next phase, I was job networking in 03 and choose to move into a profession that had the people relationships, financial and mathematical skills I like and looked like it would be more difficult to outsource, the local home mortgage industry. I know that this industry runs in cycles and looking at it now I got in in mid-down turn and as you have heard is still going down. I did not go into this industry with out doing a lot of homework so the company I was with was great and I was mentored for some time and learned a great deal about the business and I can work for them as long as I wish. The issue is I do not have a large enough past client base to support me through this market, so off to the new job market I go.
I am open to any suggestions that you may have to offer. I am currently looking at mid-large size corporation for a position as a  business analyst or project manager in the IT field again.

Thank you for any assistance.

Here is my response:

In today’s market, companies look for talents not industry experience.  Figure out the benefit to ANY company and write a resume around that.
Example – problem solving, project management, prioritization, conflict resolution, negotiating and such.  In a growth economy, which I believe ours it, there is always room for great people!

Have you posted on or other sites like that?  Marsha

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