I want to thank the kindness of all the people who attended the Banquet last evening. It seemed that all the difficult people stayed home and were nowhere to be found. The donations, auctions, and general activity to take the time on a Saturday night are much appreciated. Kindness filled the air and the feeling of family and goodwill.

What has happened to our society that kindness takes a backseat to self-centeredness, ego, and rudeness? Why do people choose not to be nice? Personally, I plan to heighten my awareness meter to pay more attention to general kindness and having a good, caring outlook. Being wrapped up in your own life, whether problematic or not, can make anyone over consumed with themselves.

In publishing my next book, Toxic People: Decontaminate difficult people at work without using weapons or duct tape, I must force my life to be more about others and less about me. Here is the key – I will not allow myself to be walked on! Deciding to engage people that have the same view will be my goal. Eliminating the Toxic People from my life will continue to be my mantra. No longer will these people suck the life out of me, and I will surround myself with the like of people that were at the banquet.

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