Boredom Busters: Time is on your side – if you let it

Staying at home? Bored? Why?  We wake up every day with a plan.  Here is what we have accomplished and found in the last week or so:

  • Clean closets and donate what you don’t use
  • Move furniture and kill the dust bunny’s
  • Sort the boxes of old pictures
  • Work outside and get your patio ready for summer
  • Call friends and relatives just to check in and say Hi
  • Handwrite a special note, put a stamp on it, and mail it! (no email!)
  • Check in with neighbors and see how they are doing
  • keep-calm-and-don-t-be-bored-6Volunteer your time by phone. Calling Care is a great organization. (Call Reassurance) programs call the elderly and homebound residents to ensure they are OK
  • Reread a favorite book.
  • Learn to play an instrument online (I’m trying the banjo – yes I own a banjo)
  • Aquarium watch: lots of choices
  • Check out live outdoor Web Cams thanks to Arizona Game and Fish
  • Explore has some great live Web Cams
  • Sand Hill Cranes in Arizona! They are huge!

We will be looking at a new normal when this is all over.  And remember – Normal is just a setting on your dryer.What are you doing?  Do you have more suggestions?  If so, please share!share!

Cheers! Marsha
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