Write Your Employees Resumes

Did you read the brilliant post from Noel? Absolutely spot on! Now here is the real news. Gen Y expects you to constantly train them with personal development ideas and move them to the next level. If you don’t do it, they will leave you and find someone else that will! Or if they don’t leave, they will become a difficult person and create a chain reaction of low morale.

So if you already know that, why wouldn’t build loyalty by helping them build a resume that will help them succeed! The downside is if you don’t have a “next step” for them, they will take their marbles to the next game. The upside is the building of trust and loyalty.

Do you have any new ideas for recognition?  Marsha

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  1. Penny Barrington says:

    Marsha, This is a great list. Thank you. So many people go through much of their working life not really receiving any verbal or written indication of what they are doing well in their job. Reward and recognition programs are talked about but left on the development committee agenda. Sometimes patronising childish activities are carried out that may feed the fun factor but still leaves the worker unclear about their progress. Employers could do well to give workers the chance to have coaching or do courses that raise their emotional quotient for this purpose. So the first action of giving everyone in the place a business card really helps to build a sense of belonging and thus loyalty, instead of only managers getting them. cheers PB

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