Difficult Co-workers and Toxic Jobs

You are probably saying … “Don’t get me started!” We all have stories of the unmanageable person or job from our past business life. We do after all have choices as to how we manage our own environment.

I recommend reading this great blog post about a situation and how it was handled. Toxic Snake Pits and Hateful People.

My thought is the more you read about how people react or respond to situations, the better you are at managing your own. Here’s the rub. Most people that I know just keep whining about the job dissatisfaction they are experiencing, or that awful boss, or the crummy colleague. They become toxic themselves.

And these situations are not exclusive to work. How about politics? Yikes, it is really heating up — no matter what side of the fence you are on. Clinton/Obama or McCain

both have issues. I think this a great time to learn what they do/say to create the perception others have of them because this can be translated to the difficult co-worker and toxic job. The secret? Don’t put up with behavior that is difficult, bad, toxic or otherwise ugly. Reading suggestion would be Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life by Larry Winget!


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