Toxic Radio? Be sure to tune in for difficult people talk

This is very exciting and I hope you can join us!

Dave Rawles

Be sure to tune in Saturday, July 12 to 91.7.
Marsha will be interviewed by Dave Rawles of Career Solutions.
You can call with your comments and questions too!
Where: KVTT 91.7 FM Radio, “The Truth”

Time: 11 AM – 12 Noon (Central Time)

Live “On the Air” Questions for Dave:
877.232.4855 (Toll-free)

Other Listening Options: Previous Programs & Podcasts <>

Sunday, July 13, Marsha will be on EMPLOYMENT RADIO 97.5 FM
The Ticket, ESPN Radio
Rick Gillis
“Business talk radio with an Employment focus” with Rick Gillis
WWW.RICKGILLIS.COM for audio streaming.

Where: EMPLOYMENT RADIO airs on 97.5FM The Ticket, the Houston ESPN affiliate and online at

TIME: Sundays, 10 AM – 11AM (Central Time)

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