Haughty, Loudmouthed Difficult People

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Starbucks used to sell breakfast sandwiches, which makes sense because they sell coffee! A normal routine that many of us have adhered to is eating breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Did you notice the word – used to? A group of haughty, loudmouthed critics convinced the founder, Howard Schultz, to discontinue the breakfast fare because as he states “The egg sandwiches debased the Starbucks image because the scent of the warmed sandwiches interferes the coffee aroma in our stores.” Pleaaassssseeeee!

Steve Forbes, of Forbes Magazine Editor-in-Chief, even writes about Starbucks stock price falling by half, leaving shareholders feeling as if they’ve been drinking airline coffee.

Here is the real issue – the minority starts ruling the majority because as many know, the squeaky wheel gets greased. I read a statistic that says that 98% of the customer service issues are caused by 2% of the people. This is even more stunning than Vilfrado Pareto’s 80/20 rule. So, what does this mean? The rest of us suffers because of a hand full of difficult people are more vocal and become whiners. Plus, many people just won’t take personal responsibility for their actions and choices so they want to infect everyone else with their haughty, loudmouthed, difficult person stance.

At least Mr. Shultz is trying to make sure all the Barristas know that “breve” is the term coined by Starbucks for half and half by closing the stores for three hours last week to make sure all were properly trained.

Maybe he was also teaching them how to make a really good egg sandwich!


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