Are you a Waiter?

by Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Apparently I am now to be considered as a waiter.

The maintenance light on my new car flashed when traveling in Sheridan, Wyoming.  I was told not to worry because the car merely needed an oil change.

Arriving home safely, I immediately made an appointment. Waiting in the lounge is always refreshing because articles are completed and emails answered as there are no interruptions. Love the silent time!

waiterThe cheery Service Representative fetched me and said the car was good to go, and handed me the keys. I noticed a handwritten sign left on the dash. ‘Waiter,’ it said in black felt tipped pen noted on the back of a blank work sheet. Not waiting. But Waiter. Confused at first, I suddenly realized my new title was ‘Waiter’ and started to laugh. In the dictionary definition #4 is ‘a person who waits or awaits.’ That would be me.

Customer Service Lesson: Be careful what your customers has in their sight, or even what they hear. Close the door to conversations and train your people to understand the importance of the perception a customer or client has of your service or product. Often times customer service is the only characteristic that separates you from the competition.

There is more to the story, but I don’t want to bore you with the detail! What good customer service story do you have? Maybe you’ve been a waiter too!

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