Survival of the Fastest: Three keys to speed up

How much can you get done in a day? Want to spend more time in the outdoors but just can’t seem to find the time?  Survival in this business downturn and staying sane during the process is not easy. You must be faster at everything you do. Learn how to have the energy to accomplish it all by sleeping faster. Focus on leveraging every minute of the day by learning faster time management skills. Organize your outdoor gear so you can get to nature faster.

Sleep faster: when your head hits the pillow, think of all the wonderful and joyful events of your day. Don’t focus on how awful it was or how you didn’t get everything done.  While doing this, concentrate on deep, diaphragmatic breathing by putting one hand on your belly and pushing your belly button slowly up and down. When (not if) your mind wanders to the dark side, bring it back to the happiness of the day.

Time manage faster: learn to stop yourself several times a day and ask yourself. “Is this the best use of my time right now?” Ah, the answer is probably NO! So shift what you are doing to something more productive.  Do you have a “To Do” list that is overwhelming? Play a trick on yourself and ask, “If I had time to do just one, which one would I do?” Then, as NIKE says, Just Do It!

Organize faster: Keep your gear in a “ready to go” duffle. I have my green bag that has all my camo, gloves, long underwear, turtles, mask, hats, and everything else packed. I know my backpack always has my binoculars, water bottle, snacks, pad/pencil, Garmin, rain poncho, sunscreen, first aid kit and other essentials already packed. I don’t have to think.

Learn to grab and go. Practice your time management on every turn. Build your energy by allowing yourself to sleep soundly. You too will be part of the Survival of the Fastest team!

What else do you do?

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