What Were You Thinking: Inside The Adolescent Brain

A recommendation from Marsha Petrie Sue

Jarring. Interesting. Astonishing. Every adult should listen to this Podcast released December 2017. I highly recommend downloading this piece for a real time, real life account of how kids think and make decisions.  This information provides how-to steps for their teens.

Dina Temple-Raston . . .  ‘shares the stories of adolescents who made astonishing choices – from joining ISIS to planning a school shooting – that led to disastrous results.

To help understand what they were thinking, she talks with friends, family, and the teens themselves. Plus, she dives into the latest science on adolescent brains to explore innovative ways to help them choose more wisely.’

She offers us a glimmer of understanding as to why good parenting doesn’t always result in good kids who make the right choices. Six episodes are included in this podcast.  If you have Amazon Prime, the download is complimentary.61DBoOWWV8L._SL500_


Here is a link from the Washington Post:


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