Business Success through Social Networking

One of the tools that is critical in today’s hectic and competitive business landscape is social media and on line networking for business success. I’m working daily to figure out how to leverage everything we are doing whether it’s the blog, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube or any of the other resources.  I must say that initially I was really a Toxic Person about even the thought of it all!

If you are not twittering - start today

If you are not twittering - start today

For my speaking business, I am taking personal responsibility by reading and finding the best people to help me with this.  Today I had a contact from YouTube asking for information on my speaking and consulting with their group. Is that cool or what?

I’ve talked to other people that really believe that if you are over the age of 15, you have no business using these resources for business.  I think they are dead wrong and are missing a great opportunity.

A “Club” I started is  The Personal Responsibility for Success Club on FaceBook. Sign up here:

Annoy People: Take Personal Responsibility

Here is a sample of some I am using:
TWITTER @mpsue:

Let’s have a conversation about this. What are you doing and using to position yourself in social media?


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    Hey, I justed wanted to give you a compliment on your blog, keep up the great work. I will be back to check it out in the near future.

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