How did life become so amazing? I’m sitting at my desk in Scottsdale listening to the chatter of two Great Horned Owls who live in a backyard Mesquite tree. The cool breeze brushing through the window reminds me how blessed I am to be living the life I have chosen. For me, it’s all about gratitude.

I’ve used a Success Journal for years and it has morphed into a Success/Gratitude Journal.

What I’ve learned in reflection:

  • If I’m reading and find a typo, I’ll focus on all the words spelled correctly.
  • If someone is angry, I’m sad for them. I will no longer fall in their pit of anger.
  • I will stop trying to rescue anyone. Helping people that don’t want to help themselves is frustrating.
  • I will draw my friends closer.
  • I will continue to work hard, whether in business or volunteerism.
  • I will focus on what I can change.

What is on your list of Gratitude?

Wishing you an amazing 2017, Marsha
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