Good Manners are Under Assault

by Marsha Petrie Sue

Everyone needs to take a trip down Memory Lane and reengage with kindness, caring, and manners.  And I mean everyone.  What is happening to people? How did narcissism and being so self-centered become the mainstay of behavior?

At a concert or game? People stand up with no concern for someone sitting behind them.

At the movie? Talking as if they are in their living room has become the standard.

Driving? People texting and talking and swerving toward you nearly creating a crash.

Public places? Taking a phone call on their speaker phone so everyone can hear.

Dining? Phone is on the table indicating it is more important than their dining partners.

I believe this is driven by technology.  From Psychology Today: Three out of five people say someone is rude to them on social media more than once a month. VitalSmarts conducted a survey of 2,698 people, and 78 percent of those reported an increase of rudeness in the virtual world as opposed to face to face.  Also, one in five stopped socializing with a rude individual and/or un-friended someone because of a virtual argument. Are we becoming too sensitive, or is technology enabling everyone to embrace their inner hater?

Everyone should watch this video and hopefully it will help stop the madness.

What do you think?  Marsha


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