Whining and Complaining:

I am nuts today – I am soooo behind! Suffering from Book-done-itis. Leave tomorrow for the week and my sinuses are driving me nuts. Doc says it’s just allergies.  I’ll be good to go by tomorrow.

Don't do it

Don't do it

There it’s off my back.  Now I know that people don’t really give a hoot but sometimes we all  have to complain and whine to somebody!

Here’s what I’ve learned. Whine – then follow it up with something positive.  This is more for you than for the listener. Get over it and move on. Success is never found in people that are pessimistic.

Lesson: You become what you think about.  Plant the seed of positivity in your fertile brain and water it with self-esteem.

Tip – Learn and refresh old skills!

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