In Other Words – More Mispronounced Words

grammarThank you for all your feedback on The 19 Top Mispronounced Words: Get Out Your Mental FlossHere are additional words for your reading pleasure and from your comments.

  •  “You wrote this blog to make fun of me? You know I struggle with Boffet instead of buffet, OTside instead of Outside, etc.”
  • FOR spoken as FUR
  • GOING as GOIN’ (apply to any word ending in ‘ing’)
  • YES as YEAH
  • “I shall put in my two cents with regard to redundant phrases: PLEASE PEOPLE, it’s REVERT, not ‘REVERT BACK.’ And also, it’s not “LIKE I SAID” it is “AS I SAID.”
  • My dad, who was born in England, was a real stickler on these two. LIE & LAY seems to throw everyone as well.” (From Marsha: It’s pretty easy; you lay something down, people lie down by themselves, and Eric Clapton can help us remember. – See more at:
  • I am in a real estate related industry. The most mispronounced word in real estate is the word ‘Realtor.’ This word is pronounced Reel-tor. Hard ‘T’. Many people say Real-A-tor or Real-A-ter. These pronunciations always hurt my ears. (From Marsha: We received seven complaints on this word!)
  • Mayonnaise: May-yo-naise not Mah-yo-neese. And try to refrain from using May-yo.
  • This make me crazy when Theater pronounced Thee-a-ter. Argh.
  • Chair: Example: “I have 2 donuts so I will chair with you.” It’s ‘share!’
  • The one that bothers me is niche (meaning place or position) pronounced niCH which is so often pronounced like nitch.
  • t’s a ‘water heater’ not a ‘hot water heater.’ A water heater makes hot water.

Creating awareness will always help improve the way our communication is perceived!

Look forward to hearing from you!


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