How can Twitter and Social Networking Help Your Business Success?

Part of managing success is using all communication tools available. There are hundreds of on-line social networks to which you can connect. Are you confused? Which ones are best for you?

If you are not twittering - start today

If you are not twittering - start today

Then layer on the networking meetings, up close and personal time with people, and you can be in the down draft of the networking typhoon. It’s not just the Generation Y that are building businesses using these tools.  Here are a couple of my suggestions: A free social networking service that allows users to send “updates” (text-based posts that are up to 140 characters long) via SMS (small message service) instant messaging, email, the Twitter website, or an application such as Twitterrific. The site has become very popular in only a few months — a lot of people are watching it. I like using it because it is just fun.  The following examples gives you a great example.

Twitter for Business Success:
Receipt for successful Twitter application:
1 Filipino marrying into a Korean family
1 taco truck Goliath Cater Craft
1 scoop Korean Taco
1 tortilla
1 RockSugar chef Roy Choi
A dash of friends and family to blog, brand and Twitter.
Mix in the Internet Social Networks and you have a delicious application of using Social Networks to establish and run a successful business. Where will this unique taco truck park next? Only the tech-savvy know for sure.

How it started: After a night of bar hopping, Mark Manguera was sitting with his 25-year-old sister-in-law, Alice Shin. His wife Caroline was already sleeping soundly. Mark was munching on a Carne Asada taco, and it dawned on him, “Why not put Korean barbecue on a taco?” He told friends and family of his epiphany and put the magical receipt together.

The result: The Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck. (@kogibbq on Twitter) After celebrating a November 20, 2008 soft opening, the roving cater craft has emerged as a social-networking juggernaut, drawing 300 to 800 people each time it parks. This may occur several times in an evening and launching a mushrooming cyber-hippie movement affectionately referred to as “Kogi kulture.”

Here is another idea: 100,000 users. Create your own social network for anything.
An online service to create, customize, and share a social network.
Example: Phil Singleton, John Driscoll & Company

Get a group started today!

Get a group started today!

Phil started a group using, Arizona Excellence Group and hand selects whom he wants to invite.  Luckily, I am part of the group.  Within six months he had 60+ people in the group.  They are a tight knit group and continue to refer each other for business opportunities, support, problem solving and also work with each other. This is an excellent example of using social networking for business development.  What group could you form?  Please post a comment on how you are using these social networking tools!

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