Don’t Limit Coaching: 7 key steps

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Turnover is rampant. Employees are looking for positions that help them move forward to improve earnings and develop career pathing. The expectation of today’s workers from leadership is to help them succeed.  This can be done by effectively coaching, and not just for the low performers but also for the stars of any team. Don’t become vulnerable of losing your top performers to the competition.  Set up a coaching system to keep all people engaged and loyal.

  1. Let them know why coaching is important. Make this conversation personalized to their particular needs.
  2. Review what they do well. Remember, behavior that is recognized will be repeated. Discuss their positive contributions and attributes.
  3. Review considerations for improvement. This is especially important for employees who are not performing to the level needed. But don’t neglect the top performers. Everyone can always improve.
  4. Outline the expected outcomes for their position. Review their Job Descriptions and develop a common understanding of outcomes. Ask them what the consequences should be if they don’t perform to that level.
  5. Ask the employee how they would like to move forward. Let the employee outline the action steps they see as most appropriate. The employee will have a difficult time taking action if they haven’t bought into the solution.
  6. Set check in times. Recommendation would be at least once a month. Don’t cancel or change this meeting unless absolutely necessary. Make this a mutual agreement.
  7. Validate the confidence you have in their success. And continue to let them know they are on the right path, making corrections as they grow their career.Coaching

Preparation will make the conversation easier. If you need a coaching format, please let me know at and we will send one to you.  Time spent coaching will help you improve your leadership profile as well as retaining those who help you succeed.  Do you have any other tips?

Cheers, Marsha

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