What’s holding you back in your job success?

I was recently asked by a reader how they could possibly be overlooked as an expert on the job when, in fact, they are the expert and someone else is getting the credit.  Here are the facts.  If you don’t let people know how good they are, they will never know!

You must blow your own horn without becoming arrogant or a pain in the rear.  It is just that simple.  In the fast paced word of business today, leaders just don’t have time to seek you out.  You must take the lead.

Keep a success journal so when it’s time for your review and appraisal you have a tool that will recap all the great things you have done. Uncover problems and issues before anyone else does and take a couple of solutions to the team or your leader.  This is where stars are born.

In addition, do not take it personally when they don’t recognize your contributions. Do take control so that your lack of speaking up doesn’t hold you back in your job success! Learn to promote yourself!

The only two helping hands you will ever have are at the end of your elbows.


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