Pay Attention to Your Internal Communications

The information that is available to each of us continues to amaze me. My cousin in Florida sent me this link on Jill Taylor’s TED Talk. I thought, “Oh boy, another email that has fwd: in the subject line” – but for some reason I clicked on the link … and am glad I did. My personal development and professional communications has improved from the information. Do you pay attention to the good information available or are you too self absorbed to expand your knowledge?

That statement may be abrasive to you, but you can’t get better without allowing time for learning more about how your brain works. It is our personal responsibility to find the time to do this!

I often talk about the right and left brain and how it shapes our thinking and most of all our communications. The amazing story of Jill’s stroke and how, as a scientist, she was able to really analyze (during the stroke!!) what was happening to her. Just amazing.

Jill and her mom

The trick for each of us is to understand how our brain works, and embrace the control we do have. If you get ticked off, it’s your fault and you have become a toxic person. If you say something inappropriate, it’s your fault. If the outcomes you have in relationships are bad, it’s your fault. Plain and simple, everyone must take personal responsibility for life.


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  1. Debbie Conley says:

    Thanks so much for for stating what is obvious to me—that silnce is a big part of communicating. I am so frustrated with people who do not hear the whole conversation/message because they are too busy trying to get their turn to speak. I am often percieved as shy because I am a quiet listener. I do have an opinion—I would like to get all the facts first!

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