Internal Communications and Personal Responsibility

I continue to be amazed at the people that do not take personal responsibility for their lives. In reading the news this morning, the article titled Police: Texas Toddler may have been crushed by obese relative.

Weight control has always been an issue with me and I know every bite that goes in my mouth is going to show up somewhere on my bod. Toxic Behavior? Perhaps. I also know I am not “obese” and if I was – I would do the best exercise of all, pushing away from the table. Or maybe this one … eat less and exercise more! Here is the question… is it such poor self worth that people cannot control what they put in their pie hole? When you put on an extra 20 – 30 pounds, don’t you notice that your clothes no longer fit properly? Maybe you need to get stuff from Larry Winget!!

It is our personal responsibility to control our negative self image talk and change our view of ourselves. NO ONE can do this for you. What others can do is supply information to help change your thinking. I believe that is why my speaking practice and my resources are so successful. Providing fodder for others to take control and manage their own existence is critical. We must teach this to ourselves, so it can be taught to our children.

Solution? Put downloads on your iPod or MP3 player. Read a book, attend a lecture … do something! And stop saying “I CAN’T!” You chose to or chose not to, it’s not that you can’t. Read some other blogs on this. You will be pleased with yourself, especially if you decide to take action!

Don’t eat too many chocolate Easter eggs either! Even Newsweek chimed in on this!! I am just sick to death that I can’t eat Peeps any more. I will not allow my internal communication talk me into it and know it IS my personal responsibility! I wonder if the Texas relative was a Peep eater? Happy Easter, Marsha

Yellow and Pink Peeps

ps: Peeps. A few of these fluffy, sugar-filled treats can add up quickly. Go through a row of four bunnies and you’re at 130 calories. Peeps are fat-free but do weigh in heavy on the carb count–each little rabbit has 8 grams of sugar alone, adding up to 32 grams in a serving of four.

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  1. Noel Posus says:

    Oh what an incredibly sad story, and one that could have been so avoidable on different levels! (as we don’t actually have all the details, I won’t list the possible assumptions, but I’m pretty sure we can all guess what a few of those assumptions could be).

    I think there’s a couple of very interesting points here which are open for discussion:

    1. Do we take personal responsibility to say what we’re thinking and feeling to others where we see their personal responsibility in question? Eg. telling our obese friends that we’re concerned about them and helping them make healthy changes (if they want to take on that responsibility)

    2. Do we allow those we care around us to continue to make excuses as to why they can’t change? Do we support their excuses so that we can share the same excuse of our own lack of change?

    3. What happens to us at that crucial moment where before we were hoping for the change to occur and now we’re hopeless about change happening so we accept and/or give in? There is a moment like that for each of us I think, and yet we may not know how to tackle it when it happens. How do we recognise that those we care about are in that moment?

    Marsha, I so love your blog because everything you share with us allows us to pose a number of more questions and to explore in different areas. It’s not always about having to come up with an answer. Instead, it’s about really paying attention.

    Thanks Marsha!

    Sydney, Australia

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