Difficult People make Toxic Meetings

One of our readers asked a great questions on how to better manage Toxic Meetings. Use these Quick and Easy steps to STOP THEM and the difficult people in meetings!

My suggestion is to ask the group if they would like to spend less time in meetings and get a raise of hands. On a flip chart or white board, ask them what rules they would like to implement. You can start with a suggestion.

I’ve included some considerations below. Ask for an “OK” that these are acceptable ground rules. Type them out and begin every meeting with these rules to reduce the time spent in meetings.

1. Stick to the agenda
2. One person speaks at a time
3. Begin and end on time
4. Say it once and concisely
5. No interrupting

Put everyone in charges of keeping on target with the rules. Need more? Check out Charlie Hawkins article – good stuff.

Be sure to use these for every meeting to save time and improve productivity!

Need more time savings tips? Need to reduce difficult behavior of co-workers? Click on the links!!

Cheers, Marsha

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