Five Work Reflections: Ideas to keep you sane

  1. Toxic bosses:  Determine if the person is just irritating or if they are really out to harm your career. You must decide if your boss’s behavior is illegal or unethical. When your boss displays truly unethical behavior, you must decide if you can live with just letting it go unaddressed. If you decide to take action, make sure you consider the working environment before proceeding. No one else will intercede unless you take action.
  2. Bosses revenge: Review the cost of approaching your boss. What might be the fallout? Is there a chance of getting fired? Transferred? Taunted by peers because your boss has a tendency to talk too much? The best case scenario is that you resolve the problem and live happily ever after in an otherwise toxic environment. Worst case? Be sure you know the possibilities as part of your planning.
  3. Malpractice of the Mouth: Take control. If you want to reduce conflict and increase cooperation consider keeping an open mind, turn off your self-talk, stop talking, and most importantly, ask questions.  Use the fogging technique by saying, “You may be right. Help me understand where you are coming from.” Then listen!
  4. Respond, don’t react: Responding is learned. Reacting is knee jerking.  Responding resolves conflict. Reacting makes it worse. Responding is hard and is used by successful people. Reacting is easy and used by lazy people.
  5. Pledge: I promise to identify toxic behavior, apply new skills, and NEVER use excuses. I continue to practice, even after I have failed. I am never the Toxic Person.  I stay calm, and do not lose my temper. I never take a Toxic Person’s behavior personally or seek retribution. I keep my power by maintaining control. I create my own environment that nurtures my success. I am the master of my future, my stress level, and my own behavio

If you don’t love your job, find a new one. Understand that YOU are the one in charge of your relationships, motivation, happiness and future.


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