The Value of Thank You and Kindness

By Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Yes, you can add value to business with a consistent use of “Thank You” and kindness to employees! Public opinion research has found there are a significant number of employees who value kindness over money in the workplace. In fact, an NBC News State of Kindness Poll found that 70 percent of survey respondents would forego a 10 percent raise for a kinder boss.

We want to be appreciated and it is important to share what it means to you to hear those words of gratitude, whether you are the leader or an employee.  No one is a mind reader.

  1. Thank youPoor self-esteem is improved with gratitude

Your outlook on life is improved when you are grateful.  Drop out of the negative cycle of low self-esteem by writing down what you are grateful for. It seems that we often keep reaching for the next gold ring – and that isn’t a bad thing. But we must step back and know what we have already achieved and what we have.

  1. Higher self-esteem equals more confidence

Confidence breeds success. And you do need both healthy self-esteem and gracious confidence to be recognized as a great leader or employee. Once again, I will recommend keeping some kind of ‘success’ journal. When your self-esteem is sagging and your confidence is not great, read a few lines from the journal to give yourself the positive input you need.

  1. Promote gratitude through kindness

Working in an environment that cultivates a grateful culture improves loyalty to the company and everyone is more inclined to go the extra mile. Self-esteem is improved when leaders honestly recognize good work. Yes, it is an expectation of the job, but everyone needs to hear it!

In addition, studies from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggest being grateful and saying Thank You to others improves well-being, physical health, strengthens social relationships, and produce positive outcomes. This helps others know we appreciate what they’ve done and it just may encourage them to help us in the future! For most of us, expressing our thanks is natural. Recommendation? Remember the value and importance of these two little words.

Here is a little helper list:

  • I really appreciate the effort you have contributed to your team’s project.
  • I sincerely appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help.
  • I wanted to express my personal gratitude for the effort and extra time you have contributed.
  • Thank you for your help. I’m thrilled to have you on our team.
  • Thank you for always going above and beyond.

And if you are not feeling appreciated, share the impact to you of Thank You. It’s really pretty simple. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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