Valentine’s Day: Do Something Different!

I’ve been happily married for 20 years and we both hate Valentines Day. Shouldn’t every day be spent caring about your loved one? Why just one day? Does that mean you can be a jerk or a toxic person the rest of the time?

My husband and I will have something different to do for this Valentines Day. We will be joining a bunch of other crazy people for a massive wedding vow renewal in Fountain Hills Arizona. Is this romantic? To me yes because it was my husbands idea … Mr. Non-Romantic, skeptic but a ton of fun guy! The expectation is to renew the marriage of over 1087 couples, the current record. Love in the Hills should be a very different way to celebrate this otherwise concocted holiday and break the record for the Guinness Book of World Records.

When I received the email from Al asking if I would be interested in this event, I just about fainted. His attitude was that our friends Lynn and Terry were going, so why don’t we join them? My fingers flew across the keyboard, quickly typing YES!

The unusual is good, not just for your relationship with your partner, but in life. The mundane makes us boring and stagnates everything. Happiness makes your heart healthier too! So figure out what you will do, with or without a partner but be creative. Or be happy with doing nothing.

If you are celebrating, have a lovely time. Cheers, Marsha

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  1. Lori Landis says:

    What a wonder filled surprise. Love it. Larry and I are on our 46th year and it gets better and better.

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