Time to be nice

When we deal with people, difficult or not, I think just being plain old nice is a real bonus. Simple notes of appreciation are deposits into anybody’s emotional bank account. Here is what just happened to me…

My stepson, Al Sue IV, (pictured with his sister Karen) is not a difficult person but he reminded me on Mother’s Day how important it is to let people know how you really feel. Fifteen years ago, I named myself the ESM (Evil Step Mother) which I TRY really hard NOT to be.

Here is the email he sent me:

Marsh ( ESM ), This holiday still means so much to me and Karen and Nana filled that very important role for us for years after our mother passed. I think I can speak for Karen when I say that we both are very proud to have you as our ESM and to fill that void, not only in our lives, but our Fathers life as well.. His picker certainly wasn’t broken when he found you! Yours ??? Well …… Just kidding. I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thanks from all of us You continue to amaze Karen and myself on your ability to handle our Dad and, at the same time, make him very happy as well ! We believe in Angels and we thank them everyday for those in our lives. THANKS AGAIN ! HAPPY ESM DAY ! LOVE YA ! Al

Now is that cool or what. Here is my recommendation – just be nice and when you have the chance, let someone know you care.


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