Toxic People? How about Toxic Assets!

I’m about ready to go nuts with all the crazyness in the market today.  Down, up, down, up!  Where will it all end. In the midst of a political upheaval, this is getting quite interesting.  Watch closely what both parties say and expouse.  Look at a variety of reporting agencies and different media.  Don’t let yourself fall in the trap of only believing one source.

Whether McCain or Obama, we must elect people that take personal responsibility for the outcomes and stop pointing fingers. We need true leadership and business acumen. Moral Amnesia has set in – again!  Remember Enron?  Lehman, AIG, and others are going down the same path.  These are private concerns and it is just disgusting when you look at what the top leaders of these companies are making.

And don’t even tell me your are not going to vote! OK – I’m done now.  What do you think?

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  1. Noel Posus says:

    Hi Marcia:

    I found it amazing to read the news online today to discover the US government is going to bail out the financial institutions with billions of dollars; and then to see the impact this has had on markets around the world with some bank stocks up by over 30%.

    I can’t help but think how all this started with greed.

    I know, a big statement/opinion and I know there are more factors here, but when I just let myself “feel” about what’s happened, I keep getting an uneasy sensation in my stomach that this has all been about greed.

    So, you’re presented us with the reminder of our rights to vote (in Australia, voting is compulsory!). I challenge voters to consider their feelings as much as their thoughts when considering their voting decision. Our bodies are great barometers of what’s really going on in the world; they tell us information which can be far more accurate than what’s in our heads…or what’s being fed into our heads.

    I respect peoples’ choices and at the same time challenge the process by which we make choices and my comments here are simply to encourage evaluating how to improve our decision-making process.

    Thanks once again for providing this powerful forum to share ideas and feelings.

    Noel Posus

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