The Reactor Factor: Smart Moves in Tough Times

As I watch the news relating the stories of the inappropriate actions of Larry David and read the article in the New York Daily News, I am struck by the lack of personal responsibility and the poor choices people make.  And did you pay attention to his reaction? Even on HBO?

Larry David

How did we become a me, me, me, society? What happened to conflict resolution skills and personal development? Why do people feel entitled to act and say any way they want?

There seems to be no real penalty because the behavior has become acceptable. Celebrities and people in the public eye have a responsibility that few appear to acknowledge. Their behavior, the way they conduct themselves, the unacceptable statements they make, and how they conduct their personal life, become the standard and role model for many others.

The entitlement attitude in the workplace is killing success and business. Nobody owes anybody anything. If you, or people in your life, need an instruction manual, please check out The Reactor Factor: How to Handle Difficult Work Situations Without Going Nuclear, where steps are outlined to take control … even if you are laid off or “down on your luck.” Check out the book trailer <! I want everyone to have hardcore skills for responding instead of reacting … and have fun doing it!

Anyone can prevent getting sucked into all the ugliness of the workplace and stop the negative spiral. Can you:

§  Manage those spoiled brats in the office?

§  Dump your own entitlement attitude.

§  Get a grip on office politics, and the grapevine?

§  Shift your focus if you are laid off and need to find a job?

§  Manage anxiety when you give a presentation?

§  Use social networks to grow your business?

§  Apply survival tools for the meetings that are time wasters.

So the choice is to react or respond. How about personal responsibility? Do you choose to knee jerk or use the personal development skills that get you to the success you desire?

And if you feel so compelled, could you please pass on this message about my new book, The Reactor Factor? Thanks so much!  Marsha

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  1. Marsha says:

    Thanks for your response! Boy Kirkwood was years ago!!! Thanks for remembering me too.

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