The Death of Common Courtesy

I ran into Kohl’s yesterday to grab one thing.

Retail Struggling to survive

Retail Struggling to survive

A big check out line faced me but that was OK because I understand that retail is really trying to survive with less employees. A store employee came rushing by the line and opened the register.  The guy behind me just about knocked me over to get to the front of the line.  Instead of getting Toxic (after all I did write the book Toxic People!) I just stepped in front of him and put my purchase on the counter.  His face was bright red and I looked at him and said, “She said next in line and that would be me.”

He loudly said, “You are so rude! I can tell you live in Paradise Valley.” With a calm voice I said, “Well Sir, I don’t live in Paradise Valley (it is Scottsdale) but you just proved that chivalry is dead. I’m sorry your having a bad day, and I hope it gets better.”  He continued his yabbering, I smiled and left.

I choose to take personal responsibility for my own assertiveness and I pledge to myself that I will stand up for my right while not violating the rights of others.  Do you think I violated his rights?

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  1. Marsha says:

    This came off my FaceBook page and had to share! Thanks Trish.

    C- stands for Consideration of others
    L- stands for using refined Language
    A- stands for Assertiveness with grace
    S- stands for Superior manners
    S- stands for Sassiness with elegance
    THAT”S YOU…and that is how you handled this!
    now this is him-
    R- projects Real feelings he has about himself
    U- Understands all are out to make his life miserable
    D- Deranged mental aptitude,
    E- Everybody else is the problem, not him

  2. Tim Davis says:

    Hi Marsha

    Thank you for your invitation to join your discussion group. The incident at the checkout line is all too common. The death of politeness and customer service is sad.

    Being from New York City, rudeness doesn’t shock me as it should, but maybe people are scared, angry or very frustrated.

    We are NSA and have the ability to speak, get attention and persuade. Others react differently, because they lack the understanding and skill to manage their feelings.

    Our parents taught us not to talk to strangers and sadly many have not developed what I call the ability to chit chat.

  3. No, I don’t think you were rude at all. I thought you responded appropriately. The man behind you sure was, though, for being in such a hurry as to think someone ahead of him in line didn’t matter.

    My only question for you: Did you make your purchase before you left?

    Thanks for illustrating a firm yet positive way to handle this kind of behavior for your readers.

    From an Arizona-NSA candidate and fan,

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