Take Control and Never Stop Learning

When you stop learning, you start slipping backwards. So many people say they have no time to get their education or to learn what is going on around them.


Well if a 99 year old women who dropped out of school in 1932 can receive her High School Diploma, don’t you think anyone should be able to? Apparently she decided to take control and to never stop learning.

We also know that we have the time and money to do what ever we really want to do.  It is prioritizing. And when people say, “Oh that’s so hard” it has become their priority not to learn. I am tired of people being lazy and not taking personal responsibility for their outcomes. I mean really tired.

So stop saying “I can’t,” instead say, “I choose not to.” And that is ok to make that choice. “I can’t” is often perceived by others as a negative response.  Ask questions and find out more. Here is one thing I choose to do.  I want to be informed when I cast my ballot.  Unknown

Learning everything I can and understanding the consequences if I don’t is important to me. For example, our government and politicians. I know their choices will affect the taxes I pay, my healthcare, and so much more. Do I control them? No but I can learn more about what and whom is on the ballot, casting my vote appropriately.

Of course there are many things that happen that I have NO control over. For example, other people taking responsibility for themselves. I have no control at all.

I have no control of many of the things that happen in Washington D.C. For example, convicted Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is scheduled to receive $8,700 per month in government disability pay as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000.  Apparently he developed a “mood disorder” as the the government was looking to indict him. I have a mood disorder just thinking that my taxes are paying for this. So I’ve decided to take care of what happens in my house because I have no control as to what happens in the White House. Continuing to read a cross section of news, books, blogs and whatever else comes my way is how I choose to take control. I pledge to never stop learning.  How about you? What is your plan?





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  1. Message : Marsha,
    I enjoy your articles and especially related to the recent one entitled \”Take Control and Never Stop Learning\”. Like you, I have many interests and it is a challenge to manage and stay focused with so much information available. Your comments resonated with me and are a good reminder of the need to constantly bring focus and discipline in managing so many of life\’s challenges.
    Best regards,
    Al G.

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