Step Out and Stand Up: Don’t Be a Spoiled Brat

spoiled-brat employeeIf you are really serious about taking control of your job as a knowledge worker and making more money, you have to take 100 percent responsibility for everything you do. And the first step is turning yourself and your job into a controllable business factor. You must dump any thinking about what others “owe” you. You are completely in charge of your success. However, there aren’t many people in the professional world who are operating under this belief system.

The following are excuses that I hear employed spoiled brats use—and some of my considerations:

  • I go beyond the call of duty on my job. Instead: I use my strengths and put myself in situations that maximize them.
  • They don’t appreciate how hard I work. Instead: I set regular meetings to validate expected outcomes and to share my successes and failures with my superior.
  • I am smarter than they think I am. Instead: Ask for challenging, high-profile assignments and projects.
  • They change the process just to stir the pot. Instead: Be flexible and learn to quickly adapt to new methods.
  • I don’t have time for all the formalities and niceties. Instead: I know that manners and graciousness are part of success.

Feedback analysis and self-awareness will validate if you are meeting these marks. When you start a project, keep track of the outcomes, even if they are years down the path.

Two ideas:

1. Use a scorecard to validate (or invalidate) other people’s perception of you. E-mail me at to receive a sample scorecard that you can customize for your environment.

2. Create a system for keeping track of your successes. Keep a small, private journal. It’s like your own personal blog, but you don’t post it! And when you need to be motivated, read all the great accomplishments you have.

Is it time for you to step out and stand up? If have some other ideas, please share. I look forward to hearing from you.

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