Shedding the Cloak: being accountable for authenticity

San Diego brought a new sense of enlightenment to me when I passed this statue running one morning. This statue titled Shedding the Cloak made me ask, “What mask am I hiding behind?” I believe being truly authentic leads to the road of success. You need to feel good about you before anyone else does. Perhaps this is the reason that many successful people are not happy with their lives because they are hiding under a false cloak.Cloak Metal Statue

And in Popeye’s words, “I am what I am.” Feeling self assured and confident does not always come naturally so think about what you do to make yourself feel good about YOU. Internal communication development to speak positively about you is a good place to start. This increased awareness helps your decision making skill and certainly helps your conflict resolution techniques, both internally and externally.

Just like the Metal Sculpture, there’s gold under there! So what is the cloak you will shed?

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  1. Brian Gilbert says:

    Marsha – this is an excellent reminder about authenticity – Always be true to yourself. It makes things less complicated. Thank you.

  2. Marsha says:

    Thanks Brian for your comment – and also for your friendship!

  3. Marsha says:

    Yes – is people would watch less TV and play a few less games, invest that time in knowledge and self awareness, life would be much easier for them! I’m the voice of experience on this one! Marsha Petrie Sue

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