Riding through the speed bumps of life: the vehicle is personal responsibility

I was on my bike ride this morning listening to Seth Godin’s Tribes – again. He was talking about taking risk and how when you don’t — you really do get stuck in the proverbial rut. Then I saw this sign Traffic Calming. traffic-calmingWhat happened to Speed Bump? (This link will make you laugh!)

Do you change the words to mask the real message? Get out of your own way. You may have a mental “border control” that doesn’t let you think differently because of the ingrained negative thinking that holds you from taking risk. Learn to challenge your own thinking.

You will fall off your bike when you hit life’s speed bumps. I guarantee it. Dust yourself off, get back on and try another approach. Read a book, watch a video; just find a new path. When you keep taking the same route, you won’t see opportunity and you definitely won’t take personal responsibility. Evaluate all the ways you mentally derail yourself with negative self-talk and how you conveniently change the message to suit your situation. Challenge your own decision making skill.

As I was riding, the next block had the sign Speed Tables. speed-tablesWhat the heck does that mean? Maybe the thought was if someone doesn’t get Traffic Calming, the Speed Tables sign will get their attention.

How do you use personal responsibility to get through the speed bumps of life?

Marsha Petrie Sue

Professional keynote speaker

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Marsha, Great Post! This is my first comment on your website but I enjoy all of your thoughtful articles!

    How do I get through the speed bumps of life? Getting Things Done System (By David Allen) is a great way. I manage my calendar and my task list so I have a current record of what needs to be done. Since it ties to my blackberry, at any time I can see the phone calls I need to make, the items at home I need to address, the list under “errands to run” and so forth. This helps me keep control when the world is spinning out of control. This is more than just organizational tip- it gives me back my life. I know I sound like a commercial, but it is good advice at keeping your life together just as Toxic People is helpful at preventing you from killing the people you work with!!

  2. personaldevelopmentcenter.net says:

    Hi Marsha

    Good thoughts, I came late to personal development but since listening to the wisdom of guys like Brian Tracy & Bill Bartmann I have learned not to try and re invent the wheel all the time.

    With the net providing such a good medium for the exchange of ideas I think its time we all studied a little more & entertained ourselves a little less, don’t you?

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