Response to Economic Meltdown

This response from a reader was just too good not to share.  Leadership development and dealing with the difficulties in today’s business and economy take personal responsibility – and that is what this answer is all about!!  Enjoy – Marsha

Your responses were right on, Marsha!!!

I too am miffed over the avalanche of doomsday advocates! I still try to
spread optimism wherever I can, despite the mess we’ve inherited from the
greedy and sometime corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  Additionally, I’m
deeply disappointed that the initial solutions being offered appear to
reward the same individuals who were largely responsible for these very same
evil deeds.

Nonetheless, I’m hopeful there will remain enough American ingenuity,
strength of character and belief in our free enterprise/capitalistic system
to regenerate our economy.  Let us hope that the nation’s latest dallying
with a semi-“socialist agenda” has not yet become a part of the American
psyche during the current political hysteria.

However, I do plan to continue exerting optimism in all my own personal and
professional actions whenever possible.

I note one rather decent side effect of our current economic woes.  I have
definitely detected an earnest attempt of folks to be nicer and more helpful
to one other, realizing we all are suffering to some degree from the same
economic virus!~  Shop owners appear to be eager to serve you; restaurant
managers and servers greet customers with a new enthusiasm.  Is this my
imagination? I also feel that neighbors are in a more helpful mood these
days, despite their own personal concerns.

In addition I continue to express additional interest in (and when possible,
extend small tokens of aid) to the many wonderful non-profit organizations
who valiantly continue to aid the growing number of those in need.

Thanks, Marsha, for your excellent responses to the queries made. Very

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