More Moral Amnesia and Lack of Personal Accountability for Toxic People!

And you thought you had heard the last of this mess from New York!  The Wall Street Journal reported today that Federal prosecutors won’t bring criminal charges against former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer in connection with payments he made to a high-end prostitution ring.  In a statement, U.S. Attorney Michael J. Garcia in Manhattan said Spitzer has acknowledged to prosecutors that he was a client of and made payments to Emperors Club VIP.

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So does admitting that you messed up mean you don’t have any responsibility?  I don’t think so!  Everyone is accountable for their actions, except of course if you are a politician it seems.

A probe by Garcia’s office found Spitzer arranged on multiple occasions for women to travel from one state to another to engage in prostitution, but uncovered no evidence of misuse of public or campaign funds. Really?  So I guess this clears the path for anybody to use public funds for whatever their bad habits are!

Personally, I’m tired of people not taking personal responsibility and using self leadership to run their lives.  What happened to being a role model for others, especially children?  What happened to focusing on others while we take care of our selves.  People are Spoiled Brats!


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  1. Jeaniec says:

    This decision is an absolute outrage. Prostitution is not illegal for politicians? And, he used his own funds and not governments? Any documentation as to where the money came from?

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