Managing Gen Y with a little personal responsibility

Leading  Gen Y can be challenging.  So here are some of the ideas I’ve learned from top leaders. Conflict resolution will be easier and you will set up parameters to help the entire group take personal responsibility. Generation Y
1. Keep the door open but don’t become a doormat.
2. Easy to get along with – they are highly sociable.
3. Leave egos and arrogance at the door.
4. Be eager to help them achieve balance.
5. Give them “spot” reviews frequently.
6. Stay open to even the most radical thinking.
7. Good news? They think outside the box.
8. Walk your talk at all times.
9. Verify that they do want straight talk and no fluff…  and #10?
10. Delegate to them appropriately and give positive feedback.
I would recommend Eric Chesters blog too. What do you do that helps?  Marsha

ps: Just one week away!  I am very excited!!  The release of my next book.The Reactor Factor: How to deal with difficult situations at work without going nuclear!

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