Listening to both sides of everything – The Inauguration

Enjoying the Inaguration

President Obama is to be congratulated for really making history today.  What courage and focus he has shown during his campaign.  Whether you voted for him or not, he is the President of our fine nation.  We must work together to fix the current problems. We must not judge anything and only look at the leadership, communications and problem solving provided by his position.

I met a gentleman this weekend that went to law school with President Obama and he said that Barrack was one of the finest minds he had ever encountered.  And this person didn’t belong to the same party either and was not a political hack.

Here is my problem.  Many people are looking for the quick fix for our current problems coming from the government, politicians and programs. In fact, President Obama said it will be the citizens that forge the change needed to solve our problems.  And again, I believe it’s all about personal responsibility.

Whether Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, we each have to keep a close eye on our expectations and understand that the only two helping hands you have are at the end of your arms. Expect more from yourself.  Work a little harder and smarter. And at the same time, remember to create joyous memories.

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