Independence and You!

If you truly strive to be independent in your life, professionally and personally, then you must take personal responsibility for your every move. Making better choices is the key that will pave the path of life for you. Stop waiting for someone else to do this for you. They are not coming.

Do you think the founding fathers of the United States of America were waiting for someone to guide them? They were tired of the duty on tea that had not yet been repealed & the declaratory act of a right in the British parliament to bind this new country by English laws. They took risk.

You need to take risk. You must have some substance to base the risk on. Learn everything you can. Go to the library: read, study and apply. Turn off the boob tube. Take the leading role in your life. Be the founding father (or mother) or your own independence. And don’t listen to the toxic people in your life that want anything but you to be independent.

Happy Fourth of July! Marsha Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA, CSP

Photographer, Fisherman, Outdoors Woman and Wife to “The Boy Named Sue” Also a Professional Speaker and Author of a bunch of books and other stuff

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