How to Keep YOUR Job – it takes personal accountability

Worried about keeping your job?  You should be! With all the economic news and business problems, this is a topic I’m am often asked about. Being responsive to change includes enhancing your knowledge and adapting your style as you grow in or change your career path.   New jobs, roles, responsibilities, demographics, and even having a new leader may impact how you are viewed regarding your contributions to the organization. The worst thing you could do is display difficult behavior and become a toxic person.

What to do:
1.    Soliciting feedback from your peers, business partners, and your leader and subordinates will help you identify what you are missing. Think about using a “scorecard.”
2.    Listen and evaluate the results.  Don’t judge it; initially just think about it and try to understand it.
3.    Decide what you want to change.  There will be feedback you choose to disregard and do nothing about.  Take a hard look and be realistic about the needs required for your job.
4.    Discuss the areas with your leader and subordinates, and add them to your develop plan.  Having them in writing will facilitate taking action. Buy a book, download information, watch a video – just do something!

Email me for a scorecard that is quick and easy to use.  Personal responsibility, self assessment and focus is what you need to do to keep your job in today’s environment!


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  1. Noel Posus - Master Coach says:

    Great tips Marsha, as always.

    And may I add that even if the person doesn’t keep their job – simply from an economics perspective versus a performance one – the focus on improving one’s professional areas is still a valid area of development as it supports creating an even more attractive candidate for the next role.

    Noel Posus
    (Sydney, Australia)

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