Guilt, Flaws and the Future

It’s all about personal responsibility.  I received this question from a reader and thought you would enjoy it along with my response.

Dear Marsha,

God is awesome in his way of having us hear what we need to hear.  I heard your broadcast this morning (Nov 2nd) only because I needed to run to Walmart before my husband left for work. I took his car and there you were talking about toxic people.  My question is:  I have realized (or should I say God has revealed to me) over the last year that I have been a toxic person.  I’m also a good person, and I think you can be both.  Now that I see myself and my flaws more clearly, how do I now press through the guilt of words and bad decisions I’ve made over the years because of my toxicity?

Dump the baggage!

My response:

Thanks for your inquiry.  There are many perspectives you can take.  Remember you cannot change yesterday.  So my preference is to call the “flaws” experience and move on.  Choose to be a better person and don’t dwell on the past.  Please visit my site at and sign up for the newsletter.  You will receive a download for signing up that will help you answer that question!  Hope that helps!  Marsha
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Marsha’s book, the CEO of YOU addresses this issue as well!

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