Giving Back (live your mission statement)

Al and I worked this weekend cleaning a water tank for the conservation of Elk herds and other animals in the Big Lake, Arizona area.  I don’t think I have ever been this dirty –

Marsha and Al at water tank

Marsha and Al at water tank

but the day was rewarding, and fun. This will provide much needed water retention areas for the animals.  Thanks to the Arizona Society of Elk for feeding us and for gathering 80 people for these worthy projects. They know how to treat their volunteers! One thing I know, I could have become a toxic person and spewed difficult behavior but decided not to.

Why did I do this? My mission in life is to give back more than I’ve received and connect my head and heart with my mouth.  Do you have a mission?  You should because goals are easier to achieve when you know where you are going.

Whatever your passion, contribute your time and energy for the betterment of something other than yourself. It will help you be balanced and focused at work.  Creating a breadth of interests makes you interesting.  Do something different, expand your knowledge … helps your creativity. What have you done lately that helps you be more dynamic at work?

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