Employee Survival in Turbulent Economic Times

If your work situation is facing a high-degree of economic turbulence, there are very specific strategies that you can apply whether you are a leader or an employee. This topic is so hot, that I recently added a new presentation to my speaking repertoire – Smart Moves in Tough Times.

You hold the chrystal ball for your success
1. Verify that you know what is expected of you. Make sure that you communicate this information to your team. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you … you must ask and verify.
2. Make sure your skills match the needs of the changing goals of your department and company. If you don’t know, ask. And you may have to seek out the appropriate training and pay for it yourself. Don’t wait for others to pay for your success.
3. Commit yourself to a flexible approach to the changes in your particular situation. Your perception is probably different than anyone else’s so flex to their style and ideas.
4. Dump the negative attitude. People really don’t care and are only interested in themselves. Help others see the bright side of change. Growth, opportunity, and new perspective are just three to concentrate on.
5. Set up a system of feedback and check progress in real-time. If it is not in place, set it up. Again, do this whether you are in a leadership position or not.
6. Train yourself to act promptly and change your focus quickly. Don’t focus on what you can’t control. Rather, look at your own personal responsibility of what you can control like your behavior, attitude, talents, communications, presentation skills, self-awareness, conflict resolution, work ethic, morale, and more.
7. Update your resume. Go on line and learn the nuances of how people are hiring in today’s job market. I guarantee that it has changed within the last twelve months. (Email me (Marsha@MarshaPetrieSue.com) for the Resume How To!)
8. Job search and verify your worth in the marketplace. www.Monster.com and www.Jobbing.com are good places to start.
You get the picture. Take full control of your job and success. Get ready because you will never know when you will be outsources, right sized or someone will decide to free up your future. Please email me for a great white paper on how to write a resume.
Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

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